The Nano Mountain Boys

The Nano Mountain Boys are a serendipitous gathering of aspiring bluegrass musicians. Check out the bios of the individual members below. Most of the members are engineers at Wright-Patterson AFB, specializing in "nano-technology." Thus the unusual name of our group. We have already had our name abused by being called the 'nanner Mountain Boys, implying some association with bananas (spoken with an Appalachian dialect).

Steve and Corey got together in the Spring of 2003 and took the Sinclair Community College Bluegrass Workshop together. They met Joe in the Fall, 2003 Bluegrass Workshop. Steve met Dave while Dave was playing a jazz guitar gig at the Webster St Market.  Dave is the only professional amongst us, he's a full time guitar player with the Air Force Band of Flight. Marc, a long time friend of Steve's, was pressured into filling the crucial opening on bass. Steve, Corey, Marc and Joe all continue to take the Bluegrass Workshop at Sinclair. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Sinclair Community College for having the Appalachian Cultural Programs, which includes the Bluegrass Workshop.



Steve Fairchild: vocals, guitar, dobro. I started in the bluegrass workshop at Sinclair in the spring of '03 and loved it. I've got Appalachian roots, my dad is form a small coal mining town in eastern KY, I grew up in Frankfort KY. I started playing dobro last year and took to it like a hog takes to a mud hole. I work in the Materials Directorate at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, have a BS in physics, an MS in electo-optics and am finishing up a PhD in materials engineering at U of Dayton.
Martin Guitar Dobro
Dave Cousino: vocals, guitar, dobro, mandolin .
Corey Bliss: vocals, banjo, mandolin. I grew up in Rimersburg, PA....went off to Virginia Tech and got a B.S. in Mech. Engr. Started playing the piano in 1984 and the guitar in 1997. Bought a Washburn B-14 banjo in 2003 and started playing in September. Started listening to live bluegrass late in 2002 and have been hooked ever since. I'm an avid hunter and I dabble in carpentry. More info will cost you $$$.

Marc Martin: vocals, bass. Originally from Rouses Point, New York.  Degrees in Automotive technology, engineering, physics, and electro-optics.  Played electric bass in a rock band in high school (1970-1974).  Came to Dayton for grad school at UD in 1985 and haven't escaped yet.  Currently an engineering geek at Wright Patterson.  Decided to pick up the bass again after 29 years just for something to do.  Endlessly badgered by Steve to come play "bluegrash" with him. Started playing electric bass with the group (the nice ivory Carvin 5 string in some of the pictures)  got hooked, bowed to bluegrass peer pressure and bought a standup bass (Shen). Talk about a different animal!  It's been remarked that it's too pretty for bluegrass.  Steve says it needs a couple of bumper stickers on it.  Many thanks to Noel Boen (I hope I spelled it correctly!) who's been teaching bluegrass bass at Sinclair - he's helped me find my way with this new toy.  It's quite a bit different than an electric - that's for sure!  Definitely a high cool factor, and definitely tougher on the fingers.  Gotta get me some nylon strings!
Joe Lustik: fiddle. I took violin lessons in my youth and became fairly proficient at classical music, but bluegrass is an entirely new style for me. I first tackled bluegrass fiddle in the fall of 2003, and it's been a really fun ride since then. You can learn a lot more about me from my web site: