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Burning Man Art and Art Cars

Warning - there is nudity and a wide variety of people and experiences in the pictures, but they are not taken in a way that should be offensive to anyone.  They are meant to document the freedom of expression that is Burning Man.

Remember - Most pictures on this website are displayed as thumbnails for quicker loading.  To view larger pictures, simply click on the thumbnails.  

The Temple of Joy was created by David Best, an artist that has been building structures for three years.  The previous two years it has been a Mausoleum in remembrance of a friend that died.  Everyone would write remembrances of people they knew inside and then it was burned on the last Sunday.  This is moving on from the mourning of death to the joy of having known that person.  This was also burned on the final night of Burning Man.  This was built out of blanks from wooden dinosaur puzzles.

Art piece.jpg (32966 bytes)  Creature of the night.jpg (31652 bytes)  Mermaid Art.jpg (25191 bytes)  Metal Dragon.jpg (40458 bytes)  Rubber Duck.jpg (28591 bytes)

We apologize that we do not have all of the artist names and piece names for these pictures.  It was sometimes hard to determine that information.  1) Unknown name and artist.  2) The creature of the night created by the Madagascar Institute; 3) Mermaid Mirage created by Ray Cirino; 4) I think this is called Fish Tales by Annie Hallat; and 5) Anas Volcanus or the Rubber Duck created by Aaron Muszalski.

The Fire Grid.jpg (57116 bytes)  Floating Temple of Pleasure 2.jpg (42579 bytes)  Art car.jpg (54051 bytes)  Cat car.jpg (49309 bytes)  Fish boat.jpg (40266 bytes)  

1) This was entitled Swamp Gas or Fire Grid and it was created by Lee Chubb.  Lee was a member of our camp, he controls this fire grid with a keyboard.  2) We have to begin the sampling of art cars with our own amazing Floating Temple of Pleasure or "Good Ship Monkey Business".  This was the art car for Garage Mahal.  It was newly built this year and drove here from San Francisco.  The base is an old bread truck.  Everyone that worked on this project did an amazing job.  It was well built and held all the people we could stuff on it.  It was a true magnet for people.  Captain Ken was the amazing person who built this in his driveway.  Much thanks to him.  3) Unknown art buggy.  4) The cat car.  5) We'll call this the fish boat.

Red Bus.jpg (52459 bytes)  Rickshaw.jpg (48321 bytes)  Seahorse Carriage.jpg (43856 bytes)  Shark car.jpg (32533 bytes)  

1) This was a pretty cool double decker red bus but it lost points because it had to be towed and did not drive on its own.  2) This was an amazing mechanical rickshaw.  It ran on gas.  3) This is a cool seahorse carriage.  4) The shark car.  This car was driven down as the shark, only the tail was taken off all the way from Seattle!

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